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At last year’s ANZICS ASM in the Gold Coast I took part in a debate concerning the question ‘Has Medutainment Replaced Education?’.

With Jeremy Cohen’s encouragement, I got to play the part of ‘Christian’ being thrown to Prof Venkatesh’s lions.

The irony of being defeated by such an ‘edutaining’ presentation is the bit that stings 🙂

Here are the presentations via the ANZICS Youtube channel:

To learn more about ‘medutainment’, please read Simon Carley’s comprehensive St Emlyn’s blogposts on the subject:

Also, an interesting Pro/Con debate was published in CJEM last year on the social media component of ‘medutainment’:

  • Cameron P, Carley S, Weingart S, Atkinson P. CJEM Debate Series: #SocialMedia – Social media has created emergency medicine celebrities who now influence practice more than published evidence. CJEM. 2017; 19(06):471-474. [full text article]

I’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind on the value of ‘medutainment’…  😉

Finally, congratulations are in order, as Bala is the first author of the recently published ADRENAL trial. It is a fantastic piece of science that is mandatory reading for all who treat patients with sepsis. Please read the article, watch the video presentations from the Critical Care Reviews 2018 meeting, and check out the critical appraisal of ADRENAL on The Bottom Line.

Has Medutainment Replaced Education?
Chris Nickson

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