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Welcome to the 341st LITFL Review! Your regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peeks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care. Each week the LITFL team casts the spotlight on the blogosphere’s best and brightest and deliver a bite-sized chunk of FOAM.

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The Most Fair Dinkum Ripper Beauts of the Week

Nick CumminsPARAMEDIC-2 epinephrine trial in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest was published recently in NEJM. Epi improved ROSC but bad neurological outcomes for survivors. What’s the take away? EM Nerd, First10EM, St. Emlyn’s, and R.E.B.E.L. EM each take on this question. [AJB, MMS]


The Best of #FOAMed Emergency Medicine

  • Insightful view on reducing missed ACS in a concise approach: think “ACS”:All symptoms, not just chest pain, electroCardiogram comparison and interpretation, and Stratify with HEART score. [MMS]
  • EM Cases welcomes Amal Mattu and cardiologist/electrophysiologist Paul Dorion to the program for a deep dive into tachydysrhythmias. [AS]
  • Learn this simple, yet elegant approach when encountering sinus tachycardia from Frank Lodeserto at R.E.B.E.L. EM. [MMS]

The Best of #FOAMcc Critical Care and #FOAMres Resuscitation

The Best of #FOAMus Ultrasound

The Best of #FOAMped Pediatrics

  • “Don’t pee on your friends,” and other valuable pearls for managing jellyfish envenomations can be found in this recent Peds EM Morsels. Deactivate, decontaminate, and denature the toxin and (after ABCs are secured) a hot shower may be more effective than morphine for the pain of a jellyfish sting. [TCN]

The Best of #FOAMim Internal Medicine

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