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Welcome to the 334th LITFL Review! Your regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peeks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care. Each week the LITFL team casts the spotlight on the blogosphere’s best and brightest and deliver a bite-sized chunk of FOAM.

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The Most Fair Dinkum Ripper Beauts of the Week

Nick CumminsDon’t Forget the Bubbles features a powerful talk by Natalie May about patient needs and lessons we can learn from the culture of pediatric EM and their application in adult patients. [AS]


The Best of #FOAMed Emergency Medicine

  • Fantastic comprehensive approach to the care of the agitated patient featured on EM Updates. [AS]
  • EM Ottawa provides an excellent review of urgent care potpourri looking at the evidence on management of corneal abrasions, distal phalanx injuries and epistaxis. [MMS]
  • A patient with a clear cut acute coronary occlusion on EKG presents with a history of recent normal angiogram. Is this even possible? Dr. Smith gives some pearls to keep in mind when you are encounter this conundrum. [MMS]
  • Concussions can be emotionally impactful, especially for an active individual. EM Pulse gives a deep dive into concussion on what we can do to better assess, manage and counsel our patients in the ED. [MMS]
  • Could subdissociative-dose ketamine be a good strategy for moderate to severe pain management in geriatric patients, who are often not ideal candidates for opioid analgesia? Brian Hayes reviews a recent paper by Dr. Sergey Motov and colleagues. [SN]
  • Over at ICU Revisited, Aron Hussid reviews a recent JAMA article evaluating successful first-attempt intubation rates when using a bougie vs. endotracheal tube and stylet. [SN]

The Best of #FOAMcc Critical Care and #FOAMres Resuscitation

  • Aidan Burrell reviews the EOLIA trial looking at ECMO in severe ARDS for The Bottom Line. An amazing trial which has left many more questions than answers… [SO]

The Best of #FOAMtox Toxicology

  • Got a case of sulfonylurea-associated hypoglycemia? This week’s Tox and the Hound post reminds us to reach for octreotide when rebound hypoglycemia occurs after dextrose boluses. [SN]

The Best of #FOAMus Ultrasound

  • Diastology can be a difficult concept to grasp! Save this diastology primer sheet by Stephen Alerhand next time you review this complicated topic. [MMS
  • Learn the potential life-saving stellate ganglion nerve block to keep in your armamentarium when dealing with ventricular storm. [MMS]

The Best of #FOAMpeds Pediatrics

  • Head over to Don’t Forget the Bubbles for a concise summary of situations in which evaluating BNP in pediatric patients might be clinically useful. [SN]
  • Also over at Don’t Forget the Bubbles, a review of the most common foreign body ingestions in pediatric patients and which require emergent removal. Bonus FOAM: the nutritive value of earthworm ingestion. [SN]

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