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Part of the joys of studying at the Liverpool Tropical School of Medicine is the weekly Wednesday lunchtime lectures. This week we were treated to investigative journalist Deborah Cohen (@deb-cohen), an award winning medically qualified TV, print and radio reporter, as well as being an editor on the British Medical Journal.

Dr Cohen gives us a glimpse of her dark world, interviews ‘on’ and ‘off’ the record; brown envelopes; the manipulation of the evidence for the pandemic flu; Roche withholding oseltamivir data, and the ‘pick and mix’ approach animal researchers take in publishing their studies.

The final question of the day: “What do you think about the treatment of Bawa-Garba?” was met with, “…lets turn the recording equipment off”. I’ve left you with two articles regarding the issue from Deborah Cohen but she promises more to come and I hope her skills and passion will assist all those involved.

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