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Dr. Michael Cherkassky helps patients lose weight at his Dallas weight loss clinic by following his medical weight loss program. In this interview, a patient talks about her experience with Dr. Cherkassky and the medical weight loss plan.

Dallas Weight Loss Clinic – Patient Review from Shelly

Q: How long have you been coming to the practice?

Shelly: Three years, I believe. There were about six months in between.

Q: Do you remember the first time that you came to the practice?

I do. I was really nervous. For some reason, I thought he would tell me I wouldn’t be a candidate. I was really nervous. He alleviated a lot of my fears almost immediately.

Q: What other things did you try before you came here?

Oh goodness. I did Weight Watchers. I just worked on it on my own. I’m a mental eater; I knew that this was probably something that was really going to benefit me because it took away a lot of the mental part of it. Tell me I’m going on a diet and I’ll eat anything I can. Take away that mental part and I’m much better and then you give me the ability to take away the hunger also. It’s a real plus. This is healthier.

Q: Has your eating changed since you’ve been on the program?

Yes. I watch what I eat. I’m not a vegetable person, so I really watch what I eat. One of the best advice that he gave me was the 1200 calories, but once a week, I need to be able to eat real people food, but I don’t weigh anything out. I know, and I’ve done it enough now, that I’m in a routine. I know the pack of card size as a portion and all of that.

Q: Was the 1200 calorie difficult at first or did you just jump right on it?

Shelly: Really, I jumped on it. I had so much weight to lose that I really was happy with what I was doing. For about the first week it was tough, but after that, when I figured out how to incorporate the Sensotherapy with the two and found all that, it was easy after that.

Q: Are you are taking Phentermine and supplementing that with Sensotherapy?

Once a day. That’s it. So I take it in the morning and I’m good. It’s really funny though with the spray. I know if I’m not self-monitoring and doing what am supposed to be doing, then I know that I need the additional help which means then I’m going to use that which really kicks it into gear. So it’s definitely my motivator.

Q: What was happening that initially made you think that you needed to get help losing weight?

The more weight I gained, the less I was able to walk. I’m young. They were telling me I needed a double knee replacement surgery, but that was going to be difficult because your knees don’t last forever. I was young enough, I teach and so it wasn’t working. I couldn’t keep up with my kids, I was getting embarrassed with my students. I got frustrated, so I ate more and more. It’s not that I’d sit down and eat a lot at one time, it’s just that I ate terribly. I allowed myself to eat anything that I wanted.
Happy patient from Dallas weight loss clinic talking about what it was like to come to the clinic and what her life is life after losing weight

Q: What is life like for you now after losing the weight?

Well, I walk up the stairs and am not winded. I voluntarily take the stairs. Oh, last year, field day, I raced some of my kids. Now, I’m not fast, but it’s been a long time since I could run. I got to race my kids, I’ve done the blow-up obstacle courses with them. It’s a whole new world, it’s a whole new world.

Q: If somebody was is thinking about coming to see Dr. Cherkassky, but not sure, what would you tell them?

What do you have to lose? You have weight to lose. If what you’re doing isn’t working right now, you got it, and you’ve tried a million other things, this is an easier way to do it. There is no shame. I was worried about shame, there’s no shame. There are guides, there’s paperwork. They ask you, “If you’re having a tough time to come back in in a week. We want to visit with you. It’s not an additional cost to you.” There’s even some in the counseling and things.

Ultimately, what you have to lose? If it hasn’t been working, well, you don’t have anything to lose. But then, what if you come in and you’re losing? It’s a win-win. That’s really what I would say.

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